Seán Walsh

Seán Walsh

PhD Radiobiological modelling at NUIG
MSc Medical Physics at NUIG
BSc Applied Physics at NUIG

SUMMARY: Seán is a medical physicist with key expertise in data science and a decade of experience in the fields of radiology and radiotherapy. He has a proven track record of managing patient data from multiple international cancer centers throughout the world computer assisted theragnostics network. Seán is primarily focused on clinical data mining, along with the data warehousing and semantic web technology for the implementation of distributed learning. He is also active in the area of machine learning and radiomic signature discovery. Seán obtained a PhD from NUIG before becoming a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Oxford, University of Sydney, and MAASTRO Clinic. He is currently a senior scientist at The D-Lab headed by Prof. Philippe Lambin. 

"The rise of radiomics, the high-throughput mining of quantitative image features from (standard-of-care) medical imaging for knowledge extraction and application within clinical decision support systems to improve diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive accuracy, has significant and substantial implications for the medical community. Radiomic analysis exploits sophisticated image analysis tools and the exponential growth of medical imaging data to develop and validate powerful image-based signatures/models for precision diagnosis and treatment in medicine. Research focuses on the process of radiomics and its capacity to improve clinical decision making (presently primarily in the care of patients with cancer, however, all imaged patients may benefit from quantitative imaging). Additional emphasis is given to the need for rigorous reporting and evaluation criteria through the radiomics quality score."

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