Samir Barakat

BARAKAT Samir: PhD Engineering and Informatics at UOW, MSc Computers and Information Sciences at Ain Sahms University, BSc Computers and Information Sciences at Ain Sahms University

Date of birth: 1982, Cairo, Egypt

SUMMARY: Samir is a senior Data Scientist with 15 years of experience in applying AI and data science, in clinical, academic and commercial settings for different types, fields and forms of data. Following the completion of his academic training he joined a multi-disciplinary group at the universities of Sydney, Wollongong and NSW applying his data mining, machine learning and AI expertise to build, develop, and test models for clinical decision support systems using national and international data sources. Samir is mainly responsible for the research and development of privacy preserving distributed machine learning in addition to supporting the continuous automated performance progression of Radiomics signatures and biomarkers discovery. Samir holds an M.Sc. in Computers and Information Sciences from Ain Shams University and he obtained his Ph.D from the University of Wollongong and he is currently a senior scientist at The D-Lab headed by Prof. Philippe Lambin. 

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