Ciaran O'Brien


O'BRIEN Ciaran:​  Higher Diploma (Data Science & Analytics) 2018, Cork Institute of Technology. PhD candidate, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Date of Birth: 1988, Clonmel, Ireland 

SUMMARY: Ciaran holds a Bachelors of Science in biological sciences from the Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland. Here he focused on plant based and herbal medicines, the phytochemistry and pharmacognosy surrounding them, and completed an oncology based thesis. For his post graduate studies, Ciaran continued his education at the Cork Institute of Technology where he studied Data Science and Analytics. It was at this time that he developed a specialisation in machine learning with Python and R, and completed work in the areas of signal processing and healthcare, amongst others. 

Ciaran also has a passion for start-ups and small business enterprises, has worked with many young businesses in the digital realm, and holds a post-graduate qualification in business from the University College of Cork. 

Currently, Ciaran is consolidating his biological, data, and business knowledge by pursing a PhD in the field of radiomics and precision medicine with the D-Lab, working in conjunction with OncoRadiomics in Liège, Belgium. 

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