Guangyao Wu


WU Guangyao:​ Master of Medicine (Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine) 2018, Dalian University, China. PhD candidate, Maastricht University, the Netherlands

Date of birth: 1992, Sichuan, China

SUMMARY: Guangyao has an education in medicine (Bachelor of Medical Imaging) at North Sichuan Medical College in China, (Master of Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine) at Dalian University in China. During his education, he did some research on Evidence-based medicine, Neuroscience, and Radiomics. He earned the doctor practicing certificate and doctor qualification certificate from China. For his master thesis, he worked on developing a Radiomics model for the preoperative discrimination of pulmonary nodules. After finishing his master thesis in 2018, he started a PhD position at Maastricht University, focusing on deep learning and Radiomics for precision medicine in oncology.


​He has specialized skills in collecting data and arranging data, reading and segmenting medical images, clinical studies designing and analysis. He also has knowledge in the field of pathology and oncology.

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