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Marta Bogowicz

BOGOWICZ Marta: Doctor of Natural Science (cancer biology) 2018, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Date of birth: 1990, Warsaw, Poland

SUMMARY: Marta Bogowicz has completed medical physics degree at the University of Warsaw, Poland. During her master studies she participated in projects related to dose optimization, biological dosimetry and quality control (imaging and therapy) in different research centers in Poland and Europe. In 2014, she moved to Switzerland to continue her studies at the University of Zurich (cancer biology PhD program) and her medical physics education as a trainee at the University Hospital Zurich. She obtained her PhD degree in 2018 (magna cum laude). Her PhD work was focused on medical image analysis. She gained a broad experience in the field of radiomics in all type of studies: robustness, outcome modelling, correlation to clinical parameters and implementation standardization. Her career path, combination of physics and biology education with clinical medical physicist work, gives her a unique perspective for interpretation of radiomics-based models.


Currently, she continues part-time her clinical medical physics education at the University Hospital Zurich. In parallel, she pursues with academic career as postdoctoral researcher at the same institute. She is a visiting researcher in the D-Lab group, working on the combination of radiomics and distributed learning.