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Improving Patient Selection and Outcome of Stereotactic radiosurgery as a Single Treatment Modality for Brain Metastases

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Machine Learning Applications for radiomics: Towards Robust Non-invasive Predictors in Clinical Oncology

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Mitochondria in a personalized cancer treatment approach.

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Novel Imaging Methods for Cancer Detection: More than meets the Eye.

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From Data to Decision. A knowledge engineering approach to individualise cancer therapy

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Biomarkers in non-small cell lung cancer: Imaging and Blood

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Imaging of tumor hypoxia with PET: a step towards individualized cancer treatment

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The hypoxic tumor microenvironment from imaging to targeting

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Rectal cancer step towards tailored treatment

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Multifactorial decision support systems in radiation oncology: clinical predictors and Radiomics

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Predictive modeling of treatment outcome in rectal cancer

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Acknowledging patient heterogeneity in health technology assesment

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Microarray-based expression signatures: potential application for individualized cancer treatment

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Functional imaging for treatment response evaluation in rectal cancer"

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Predicting outcome in lung cancer patients: Towards individualized treatment in radiotherapy

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Molecular Imaging of EGFR

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Voxel Control Probability

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Improving the quality and efficeincy of follow-up in curatively treated breast cancer patients

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Molecular imaging in the combined modality treatment of lung cancer

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