December 2019

A success at the GROW science day for precision medicine. Oral presentation for Damiënne Marcus and poster award for Alex Mowday. Congrats!

June 2019


Philippe Lambin is speaking at the UK Oncology forum in Brighton (speaking on «Big Data for lung cancer: Decision Support, Radiomics and Shared Decision Making). Great but frightening plenary talk of Richard Sullivan on universal health care coverage: clearly the western models can not be replicated in developing countries. The phone app has great potential to save life! hashtag#bigdata hashtag#decisionsupportsystem hashtag#radiomics hashtag#artificialintelligence hashtag#deeplearning hashtag#lungcancer hashtag#Shareddecisionmaking. 


Philippe Lambin is very excited to co-organise, as chair of the CERN medical applications advisory committee, with M. Dosanjh and A. Di Meglio, a workshop at CERN in Geneva on « BIG DATA IN MEDICINE: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES » ( One of the mission of CERN is to transfer technologies for the benefit of health care. Do not forget that CERN co-invented the World Wide Web (30 years anniversary this year!). CERN has requested a written advise on how to move forward in this field. Today we have an impressive list of experts talking. hashtag#bigdata hashtag#artificialintelligence hashtag#deeplearning hashtag#medtech hashtag#radiomics hashtag#healthsciences hashtag#healthcare hashtag#distributedlearning hashtag#privacy.


May 2019


Varian award to Timo Deist & Frank Dankers from the RT Dpt and The D-Lab of Maastricht University: more then 20K lung cancer patients analysed world-wide by Distributed Learning - real Big Data! hashtag#bigdata hashtag#maastrichtU hashtag#thedlab hashtag#distributedlearning hashtag#AI hashtag#MachineLearning hashtag#ESTRO38


Ludwig Dubois @MaastrichtU @TheMLab shows at ESTRO38 tumour cures and protective immunological memory when radiotherapy is combined with the immunocytokine L19-IL2 delivered specifically to tumour vasculature. Phae 1 completed, Randomized phase 2 underway hashtag#ImmunoSABR @PhilippeLambin1 hashtag#ESTRO38 hashtag#radbio hashtag#MaastrichtU

We call this paper The ROSETTA STONE of diffusion MR-based Radiomics: “Stability of radiomics features in apparent diffusion coefficient maps from a multi-centre test-retest trial.” Peerlings J, Lambin et al. Sci Rep. 2019 doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-41344-5. It basically described the basic alphabet for MR Radiomics: the first step for AI in diffusion MR. hashtag#paper hashtag#imaging hashtag#radiomics hashtag#thedlab hashtag#maastrichtuniversity hashtag#imaging hashtag#MRimaging

Philippe Lambin is directing the first ESTRO international course on Academic Entrepreneurship in Milan. One of the speaker is his hero, the Steve Jobs of Radiation Oncology - inventor of Pinnacle, Tomotherapy and other technologies: Rock Mackie. Another successful entrepreneur speaking was Johan Lof from Raysearch. hashtag#academic hashtag#entrepreneurship hashtag#ESTRO hashtag#Maastrichtuniversity hashtag#technologies Sukhveer Singh

April 2019

Invited to give the Ted Phillips Lecture on A.I.-based Decision Support Systems for Precision Medicine during the international UCSF course in San-Francisco (april 2019). hashtag#ai hashtag#ucsf hashtag#thedlab hashtag#cancer hashtag#maastrichtuniversity hashtag#radiomics hashtag#deeplearning hashtag#shareddecionmaking hashtag#april2019

May 2018

Philippe Lambin is invited for a one month sabbatical at the prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York to work on Artificial Intelligence projects applied to Precision Medicine. This is thanks to the Dpt of Medical Physics , Radiology and Radiation Oncology. He is joined joined by a post doc and a PhD student of The D-Lab of Maastricht University. Very exciting!

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